Friday, March 12, 2010

I am bored. Fuck you.

I know this is my second post this week, a seriously rare thing, but that just shows you how jobless I currently am. Plus the last one was absolute crap.

Its Friday night. Should have been party time and checking out every girl in sight. But here I am stuck in my department, pretending to work on a shitty presentation that was due three days ago. All I have to do, or rather, can do, is stare at my computer screen. People around me tap away at their keyboards, presumably at work.

Right now I am shouting "Die motherfucker, die", with a gun down the throat of an entity called time.

So what do I do?

FB games? Strictly no-no.
Chat with somebody? Might do it, but not feeling like it.
Study? Yes, right. :P

As I stare with an empty gaze at my screen, thoughts of a past few minutes rush back to fill the vacuum in my mind. Yea, I had been reading random jokes from different parts of the internet. Like, Sarah Palin thinks that the Berlin Wall separated Kanye West and Kanye East. Or like, Bendtner scored the first hat-trick of his career. Ok, that really happened.

People around me leave, back to fruitful activities. New people arrive, to their work turn they. I am so bored, boredom should redefine itself for me. I shall not wish such a Friday night even upon my enemies.

Come to think of it, I do have work. My presentation, which got postponed twice, still lacks perfection. Why don't I do it? Its Friday night and I have two more 24 hour periods to do it in. I have a other presentations and papers coming up. Why don't I do it. Face the truth I have faced before- I am abso-fucking-lutely lazy.

There is IPL on YouTube. Goddamitt! I can't get the goddamn thing to work. I impatiently wait for the Arsenal game tomorrow.

More than ever, I crave for bimbos and booze. Right now, right here, I crave like a fish craves for water. The past eighteen brain, rusty for lack of much use, has forgotten its old ways. It no longer produces sparks of good natured creativity. It releases the rust within, to cover me from head to toe in a light brown haze of drowsiness.

Twitter updates, blogger updates, e-mail updates et al. remind me of life outside myself. I love them and hate them for the very same thing.

Yawning every thirty seconds, still waiting for a genie to pop out of the screen sits I. Not an interesting thing to do, not a fresh female face to look at (dammitt!!!), only a huge black steamy cloud of restlessness.

May God (if there is one) save my soul.

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