Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's been going on

If you belong to that extremely small class of people who diligently follow this blog, you may have noticed that it has been pretty static. General laziness combined with not having a laptop to myself and some Shaastra work led to this lack of dynamism in this space.

Speaking about Shaastra, this tech extravaganza is from September 29th to October 3rd this year and promises to be one grand event. It is gonna be bigger and better this time, especially as we have a title sponsor and all this time. And just in case you chance to drop by Shaastra 2010, do not forget to attend the IIT Madras Symposium on Education in Rural India. The event itself promises to be really good, even though the meetings we have to decide stuff for it just won the Most Boring Thing Ever World Cup. So make an effort and do come by.

As usual, despite my best efforts to swim against the tide, I have been caught up in the current of academics and curriculum. Badly beaten and bruised I am after a few quizzes, but I am still kicking.

Keep watching this space for more stuff. I am beginning to get super busy now. Not a state I am particularly fond of.

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