Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yaay! This is the fiftieth post on this blog. On this great occasion let me take a moment to honour and congratulate myself for all the hard work, vision and creativity that has filled the web pages of this blog. On a slightly more serious note, I wish I had the above mentioned by the bucketfuls so that I could splash them across the web pages of this blog.

To be slightly more serious, when I started this blog in the cold final month of 2008, I never imagined that this blog would clock up a half century of posts. Nor that it would manage to attract 21 followers. When I started writing this blog in December 2008, it was a mere experiment, a quest to find out what all the brouhaha about blogging was and a desire to be in touch with Web 2.0.

Much has changed since this blog sprouted up on the edges of the information superhighway. One could may be say that the whole direction of my life has changed. One might even argue that events in my life has affected the seriousness with which I take this personal space of mine on the world wide web. From being just another tab in my Google profile, this blog has come to become an arena where I can write and ruminate, a space where I can experiment and express.

At 3:40 on a Sunday morning I make this entry, surely a testament to the love for blogging and this blog that has slowly but surely seeped into me.


  1. congrats, basil, on your half-century. i hate to admit that it is with some sort of envy that i read and like your blog. for someone who has just set foot on blogger, fifty seems like a distant dream. the article about your NL team co-ordship experiences were very bold and blatant. it is easier to criticize something you are not part of, but to speak the truth (esp when it is not too good) about something you were deeply involved in, requires a great deal of courage. i loved all the articles i have read so far in this blog. keep enthralling, senior. :-)