Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Second Sem \m/

You saw that thing which just went whoosh! Don't worry that was just my second semester at I.I.T Madras, which broke speed limits left and right to land me at the beginning of a three month vacation. Here I am, left to recollect my thoughts and memories of that awesome four month period in the comfort of a cosy chair.

A general feeling of awesomeness about the past four months persists strongly inside me, but as I search in the haystack of memories, I find it hard to pinpoint the needles of awesome moments that made my second semester a rollicking one. The sem provided me with a lot of memories and experiences which shall be with me for a long time.

The semester started of in January, and January to us I.I.T folks means only one thing- Saarang. Saarang, the cultural extravaganza (literally and figuratively) held annually by my college, attracts the best talents from across the country. Saarang guarenteed four days of amazing fun and four days of amazing fun it delivered. For more details on how Saarang was refer here. Saarang, for me was mostly about the girls. I.I.T is a place, to quote a dear friend, where a chick gets a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 just for being a chick. It was into such a barren desert that Saarang came as a refreshing shower. And how! If you had seen the campus one of the four days you would not have recognised the place from Adam. It got transformed, metamorphosised into something completely new and, not surprisingly, refreshing. Hot girls descended on the place in droves bringing a wide smile on my lips. Heaven, albeit momentary!

The semester passed into other months, namely February and March. A "peaceful" semester, with a realtively small workload gave me and my buddies plenty of time to indulge in the vices. It reached a crescendo in April, with the hostel nights. We rocked Tapti (my hostel) night, inebriation style. It was a day when anything liquid around the place came in dark, cold bottles. On a hot and thirsty night we turned from water to something which had colour in it and more than mere hydrogen and oxygen. Hours were spent performing the bottomless bucket act until gradually several of those buckets had malfunctions and decided to eject majority of its contents. Thus ended the best night of the semester. It was a night I would love not to forget but unfortunately I do not remember much of it.

Ohh..I almost forgot. Football Schroeter. In the month of February or March (I do not recollect) we tasted the pleasures of organised football in the form of the football tournament as a part of Schroeter. Our hostel team, despite having decent talent and calibre did not make it past the group stage. It was dissapointing, yet to fun to turn out in the hostel colours, albeit last year's. We had a pretty good run in the friendly matches though winning one or two and losing only one to the eventual winners of Schroeter.

Second semester probably had the biggest impact on my lifestyle, completely revolutionising my daily time table, especially in April during the week preceeding the end semester exams. Nights were made into days and days into nights. Sleep all day, party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It is fun being insti junta. Wake up at ten in the night, stagger off to the DCF, a few smokes on the roof, ogling at a computer screen for hours at a stretch, the five o' clock trip to tarams, breakfast and finally to back tot he department for class or examination. Well, at least I got to eat breakfast everyday. Though it was the only meal I often had the entire day.

Its a three month holiday now. Internship reminds me how work can actually be taxing. Seems like hard work will finally kill me.

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