Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stupid dreams of childhood

You may find this hard to believe, but once upon a time I was not as awesome as I am today. Yes, I used to be a kid. In that period, between the ages of five and 13, I harboured dreams I would laugh at right now. You too can laugh at them from now on.

1. Vegetarianism. The times when I avoided any kind of meat as if it were the plague. Killing animals? Gawd! Eating dead animals? OMG! Well, you know, I was a kid.

2. Becoming the prime minister of my country and making it the best in the world. By best, I mean THE BEST. Every kid probably has day dreamed about such a scenario. But, I tell you, mine were vivid. Again, I was just a kid.

3. The dream that one day cute, cuddly carnivores like lions and tigers would live in perfect harmony with cute, cuddly herbivores like deers and rabbits.

4. Using the game of football to settle international disputes. That was your cue to fall off your seats.

5. The next Batman. Need I say more.

6. I once wanted to be alive for 250 million years after I read somewhere that a supercontinent, like the Pangea, would be formed in that time.

7. Ambition: Super scientist-cum-action hero-cum-awesome football player-cum-rockstar. Talk about small dreams.

8. You know what happened when Harry Potter came out. Sigh.

9. DECIMATE THE U.S HEGEMONY!!! Being born and brought up in a place which had a strong presence of the Left helped.

10. I wanted to be an adult.

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